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Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Animal Shelter Stats

Check out the Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Animal Shelter Stats for the year to date! We try very hard to keep animals alive and our numbers show it. SVASC is an Open Admission Shelter, meaning we are contracted with 3 localities to provide shelter for all animals in our community. We take the old, the sick, the injured, the scared, animals with behavior challenges and sometimes dangerous. Every paw that crosses through our door deserves all of the love and care that can be provided. Our ultimate goal is for every one of them to have a chance at their happy ever after no matter age, breed, color, personality or medical condition!

We will be posting numbers for every month from now own. Transparency is very important to us and we want the community to know what is happening with their animals.

Thank you to everyone who donates, volunteers, and supports us! We also appreciate the other shelters and rescues that take our animals so that we aren’t overcrowded. This year has started out great; let’s keep saving lives together!

Shenandoah Valley Animal Shelter Stats for 2016