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Petco Love Success Story: Samuel and Jalapeno

VASC wants to extend a HUGE thank you to our wonderful friends at Animal Hospital of Waynesboro and Dr. Reeder, as well as Petco Love for helping us out in a real emergency yesterday! Thanks to the team at AHoW and Petco Love, Samuel and Jalapeno get a second chance!
Both of these handsome boys were brought to SVASC yesterday morning, after having been found as strays by two separate good samaritans, and were immediately rushed to the vet. Samuel, the handsome black and white boy, was found hobbling down the street with a broken leg, bone exposure, and a necrotic paw. Jalapeno, the fluffy tabby fella, was discovered in his finders yard (he must've known where to go!) with a ruptured eye and a large abdominal/chest wound, complete with infection and maggots.
Thank goodness for the wonderful team at AHoW for saying YES to seeing them without any warning and to Petco Love for saying YES to covering their medical needs. Samuel received a leg amputation and Jalapeno got an eye enucleation and his wounds were cleaned and stitched up.
They are well on their way to recovery and then finding forever homes!