Surrendering an Animal

Many times, a pet is surrendered because the owner feels they have no other choice or is unaware of resources that can keep their pet in their home. We may be able to help you find alternatives to surrendering your beloved pet.


1. Staying Home is the Best Option for Your Pet

The best possible option is for your pet to stay with you. There are many resources available that could help you address medical or behavioral challenges. If you are facing financial hardship, programs exist to help you while you get back on your feet.

Alternatives and Resources

Many pet-related problems are solvable! Talk to our staff about your situation. Whether it’s a behavior concern, a housing issue or another kind of crisis, we’re here to help and advise you. SVASC has programs and resources in the following areas to help pet owners in crisis:

  • Behavior issues
  • Cost of medical care
  • Cost of supplies/food
  • Housing options
  • Too many pets
  • Spay and neuter needs

Please contact our resource center for help keeping your pet: or (540) 943-5142.

Please NEVER let your pet loose on the street thinking it will have a better chance of survival. Animals are like humans and need food, shelter, water and care. On the street, they will suffer, starve and risk being injured by a car or malicious person.

2. The Second Best Option for Your Pet

The second best alternative is to find your pet another family through a process called “rehoming.” This is where your pet goes from your home directly to the home of their new family without a stop at the shelter.

SVASC offers assistance with rehoming services to members of our community.  If you live in Augusta County, City of Staunton, or City of Waynesboro and need to rehome a pet, please complete the questionnaire below and a staff member will be in touch.

Cat Questionnaire

Dog Questionnaire

Our partners at the Petco Foundation offer an online rehoming service called On this site, you can fill out a profile about your pet and families looking to adopt can review it. Potential adopters will fill out an application, pay a small adoption fee to Adopt-A-Pet (that will later be donated to a shelter) and then a meeting will be coordinated.

If your pet is already spayed or neutered, you can use Cat's Cradle's Rehoming Network.

If you choose to list your pet elsewhere online (Craigslist, Facebook, etc.), make sure that you check references to ensure the person is responsible and ask that they reach back out to you in the event that they can no longer care for your pet.

3. Surrendering Your Pet to SVASC

If you need to surrender your pet, you MUST call ahead of time and make an appointment.  Due to the amount of work it takes to process each animal, we will no longer accept owner surrenders without an appointment.

When surrendering a pet, please provide as much information as possible such as temperament, vaccination history, and special interest/needs of the pet. This will help us to place your animal into the best home we can. Please understand that we are a municipal shelter and we will try our hardest to place your pet, but we cannot guarantee placement.

We do charge an owner surrender fee.

  • $10/cat over 6 months old
  • $20/litter with mother cat
  • $15/litter without mother cat
  • $15/dog

Struggling to keep your pet?

If you are in need of financial assistance to keep your pet or in need of food or veterinarian resources, please check out our local resources page.  We encourage people to keep their pets as much as possible.