Lost a Pet?

If you have lost a pet, please call the shelter with a description for us to record in our lost and found book. If you have a picture, you may e-mail it or bring it by the shelter during business hours to place with your lost pet ad.

When calling about an animal on our page that may be yours, please have the 4-digit ID number ready when calling.

NEW! You may now report a lost pet through this link.

**We request if you find your animal that you notify us by email or phone (540) 943-5142.

You can also see the latest posts on our Lost and Found Facebook page.

Reclaiming a Pet?

Owners may claim their animals by contacting the shelter, and then paying the appropriate fine at the appropriate facility.

Animals brought in by:

City of Staunton: Fines must be paid at the the City of Staunton Police Department.

City of Waynesboro: Fines must be paid at the the City of Waynesboro Police Department.

Augusta County: Fines must be paid at the Augusta County Government Center to the Treasurer.


This list is updated by the hour so if your pet is lost, keep checking this list to see if it has been picked up or turned in. Thank you.

Here are some things you can do if you've lost your pet:

    • Register your lost pet on Petco Love Lost.
    • Alert local shelters and veterinary hospitals. Make sure you give as much information as possible about the animal and a few ways to contact you. Attach a picture!
    • Post signs/pictures about the animal in the area last seen and the surrounding areas (animals will travel far!).
    • Post signs/pictures in local restaurants, stores, parks, post offices, etc.
    • Post signs/pictures on lost and found Facebook groups.
    • Frequently browse your local shelters lost and found pet page to see if your pet has been brought to the shelter. Only you can identify your animal. Please keep in mind that many facilities have a “hold” period for stray animals. After that time period, the animal becomes the property of that facility.
    • If your pet is microchipped, file a lost pet report with the microchip company.


Ways to prevent losing an animal companion:

    • Have rabies and license tags on your pet at all times.
    • Write your name and phone number directly on the animal's collar with a permanent marker, as tags often fall off!
    • Get your pet microchipped. It is an identification device that is inserted under the skin on the back of the animal’s neck. It is the size of a piece of rice and does not hurt the animal. When an animal is brought into a facility, the animal is scanned for a microchip, and the owner's contact information is automatically provided. You can purchase a microchip from your veterinarian. Be sure to register your microchip on the chips registry and with FoundAnimals.org (free lifetime registration and updates). Also, remember to keep your contact information updated!
    • Keep your pet properly restrained.
    • Do not leave your pet outside unsupervised.
    • Search matching lost pets near you

    • Create a found pet alert

    • Help a pet find their way back home