Why Spay/Neuter Your Pet?

Spaying and neutering are common surgeries that ensure dogs and cats can’t reproduce. Spaying is the surgery for female dogs and cats; neutering is the surgery for male dogs and cats.

Making the decision to spay or neuter your pet is one of the most important and beneficial choices you can make for your animal. When you consider all of the positives, it's also one of the easiest. From your pet’s health and behavior to help our area's chronic pet overpopulation problem, spaying and neutering have positive long-term effects on the well-being of your animal and our community.

Benefits of Spaying Female Pets

  • Decreases the risk of breast cancer and tumors.
  • Eliminates uterine disease, ovarian cysts, miscarriages, and delivery complications.
  • Stops the heat cycle (bloody discharge, nervous pacing, crying/yowling) which, in turn, stops male dogs from having the urge to come into your yard.

Benefits of Neutering Male Pets

  • Decreases the risk of enlarged prostates, testicular cancer, and tumors.
  • Stops the mating drive and subsequent spraying, reducing the urge to roam and mount.
  • Reduces aggression against other animals, lowering the risk of injury, infection, and expensive veterinary bills.

Our Spay/Neuter Programs:

Adopted Dogs and Cats: Every pet adopted from our shelter is spayed/neutered before leaving with their new families. There is no additional fee for this service and is included in our adoption price.

Public Spay/Neuter Program: Our public spay/neuter program is currently on hold. Please submit your email to this form to be notified when the program is reopened.


Community Cat Spay/Neuter Services:

If you have community cats (also known as feral cats or stray cats) living on your property please contact Cat's Cradle at (540) 433-1135 or https://www.catscradleva.org/spayneuter for information on low-cost spay/neuter services.