Adoption Information

SVASC is operating by appointment only and does require an approved application to be on file before scheduling an appointment. 
If you arrive and have not submitted an application or scheduled an appointment, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your visit.
We encourage you to call ahead to check for availability. 

Adoption Process:

SVASC is requiring an appointment in order to come visit adoptable animals and do prefer to have an application on file ahead of scheduling an appointment.
The first step to adopting any pet from SVASC is to submit an application. You can do this prior to coming to the shelter, or you can fill out an application in person at the shelter. Online applications can be found under the relevant adoptable animal’s page. The application module will not work on a cellular device. If you are unable to complete an application online, we have paper copies available at the shelter that can be picked up during normal business hours or we can email/snail mail you a copy. At this time we are unable to guarantee that an adoption can be done same-day unless you already have an approved application on file with the shelter.

At times we do have animals available for adoption at our local Petsmart store in Waynesboro, VA. If you are interested in adopting any of these animals you will need to first submit your adoption application online or in person at the shelter. Once a staff member has reviewed and approved your application we will be in touch with next steps.

Important things to note:

  • We typically receive multiple applications per animal and staff take pride in ensuring the adoption is in the best interest of both the animal and applicant. Submitting an application indicates interest, and does not place the animal on hold. We are unable to offer a waiting list for animals in our care.
  • One application is valid for any animal(s) in our facility. Please do not submit more than one application.
  • You can apply for a specific animal by name or simply get “pre-approved” to make the adoption process quicker in the near future.
  • Once approved, applications are valid for six months.
  • We do adopt to out-of-area homes. We will not ship a pet.
  • If you already have a dog(s), and are interested in adopting another dog, we strongly encourage dog introductions at the shelter prior to adoption.

Almost every animal adoption organization requires an application prior to adopting from their facility. Each organization has their own unique application and adoption process. We have broken down some of the big questions that you may have about our application and process.

  • Why do we ask about housing and landlord contact information (if applicable)?
    • We do this to ensure that animals will be welcome at the property and that we're not placing an animal in a home where it will ultimately not be able to stay. SVASC does not discriminate against renters and would be very happy to work with you!
    • Additionally, knowing your housing type and noise/activity level of the home helps us match you with a pet that will be a good fit for your lifestyle. Some of our dogs are very noisy and rambunctious and would not do well in housing types such as apartments or condos.
  • Do you have a fenced in yard?
    • A fenced in yard is not a requirement to adopt a dog from us, however, some of our dogs are more likely to thrive in a home with a fenced in yard.
  • Why are we asking about pets currently in your home?
    • As part of our adoption process we look for a history of veterinary care for your current animals. At minimum, we do require that all pets in the household be up to date on their rabies vaccination (as required by law), and we prefer that animals currently in the home be spayed or neutered unless there is a medical exception. We ask for your veterinarian’s name and phone number so that we can confirm your pet’s medical history.
    • It is important to disclose all pets living in your home. Some of our dogs and cats do not get along with other animals. We would not want to place them into a home where they may harm other pets in the household.
  • Do you have any experience resolving behavior issues?
    • As a municipal animal shelter, we often do not know the background or history of the animals in our care. The shelter environment can be very stressful and often times an animal may be shut down while at the shelter, making it more difficult to predict their behavior/personality in a home environment. Many of our animals will need basic obedience training, house training, etc. when they get to your home. SVASC is more than happy to help with trainer recommendations!
  • Are there any reasons that you would relinquish your adopted pet back to SVASC?
    • Animals are a lifelong commitment and this question allows us to match you with the best pet possible. For example: If you would return a pet for resource guarding, we would not want to set you up with a pet that displays that type of behavior.
  • Why wasn’t I chosen to adopt the animal that I applied for?
    • SVASC strives to place our animals into the best homes possible. While it may be disappointing to not be chosen for the pet you applied for, please know that we ultimately want the adoption to be a good match for both the animal and the adopter.
Blue Paw Print Dog Process Infographic